Viewpoint: Ron Hicks

The Tony Crawford - Bank of Montreal case led me on a journey to explore what is really wrong with the banking system  in Canada. There is an old saying about "follow the money."

This case helped me to understand how we do not have capitalism anymore but rather "Corporate Fascism."

From the time I met Tony and his wife to the time of publishing this
website I am convinced that they are both true Canadian heroes.

By itself  it is a truly fascinating story.  A real David vs Goliath.
It exposes all the crimes of how our banking system works.
A $250,000.00 debt without trial and the evidence indicates either corrupt judges or corrupt lawyers as Tony continues his fight for justice in trying to get the matter into  the criminal court system.


Need To Know: What Is Money?

David Icke is talking the truth about the way the system works, the way in which 1 billion people across the world are living in poverty, starving, drinking filthy water, and all you can do is make some lame insult about the fact that he is sweating, a fundamental body function.